My Dacia Road

This year Dacia launched the new brand in Italy and we created the My Dacia Road Experience focusing on the Duster car owners and non-owners. The aim was to reunite outdoor passionates across Italy in order to do 3 different road trips in 3 different weekends and locations and find new prospects for the Duster product. The initiative involved a successful online competition with 18000 subscriptions and a lot of happy participants.

We developed the experience, the brand, the name and the different assets which made this a full campaign involving also digital activations (including influencers), dealer activations and co-branding activities.
Client: Dacia Italia
Agency: Apload
Project developed with: Lara Mandurino, Andrea Palma, Andrea De Santis, Marina Donna, Maura Principi, Chiara Alfiero, Raffaele Fracchiolla, Claudio Arumi, Manuela Giordano, Apgrade, Studio Capta, Fabrizio Farenga, Apload Digital

Stay tuned: My Dacia Road 2023 is coming
We involved Human Safari as a famous influencer focused on travel and outdoor activities which did a road trip with the Duster and launched the first weekend of the initiative with a lot of conversions.
Besides gadgets and badges we did different video reports and interviews in order to develop a story telling of the events.
On the third weekend the new Duster made its appearance enjoying the journey together with the other participants.
Enjoy the video recap of the 3 experiences!

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