Peroni Virtual Customer Engagement 2021 - Digital Event
Peroni did the yearly Virtual Customer Engagement Digital Event focused on the New Peroni Nastro Azzurro Rebranding and the rest of the Peroni Portfolio presenting some of the plans for the upcoming year. 
The virtual location was inspired by the international House of Peroni and the mood of the show was inspired by a Radio Show with the Peroni fun mood.

Project developed with: Andrea Palma, Andrea De Santis, Lara Mandurino, Marina Donna, Serena Battistelli, Giuditta Battellini, Chiara Alfiero, Luis Chumpitaz, Alice Grossi, Alice Sedda, So What Pictures, BOTW 

Client: Birra Peroni
Agency: Apload
Opening titles using the very soundtrack of the existing Peroni adv 
Some of the video covers introducing the presenters
Render of the set developed with Unreal Engine
Platform allowing participants to subscribe, watch the event and interact through the quiz and the chat.

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