Zoetis The New Era - Digital Events 
Thanks to Monoclonal Antibody we are in a new era to treat chronic diseases - Biological Treatment - for the first time, an innovation is hitting both human and vet medicine simultaneously.
Zoetis is the first and only Vet Pharma Company that use Monoclonal Antibody, launched in the "Derm" portfolio in 2018 and now launching new innovation with this active principle in the "Pain" category.
The objective was to organise and promote 3 digital events in order to present the new innovation to the vet community with focus not only on the products but also on the active ingredient used in two categories by Zoetis so far.
The new era for animals, for health, for you.

Client: Zoetis Inc.
Agency: Apload SRL

Developed with: Andrea Palma, Andrea De Santis, Lara Mandurino, Serena Battistelli, Jessica Vengust, Chiara Alfiero, Alice Grossi, Luca Miranda, Luis Chumpitaz Alfaro
Production: Apgrade, BOTW SRL, Studio Capta
The Keyvisual showing the two main characters of this projects: the monoclonal antibody and the animals
The PR promotion was pushed across scientific magazine - with a Qrcode letting people accessing directly to the subscription portal - digital banners and email marketing
The studio where the magic happens
The "Coming soon" video before the event
The "Countdown" +  "Opening Titles"
Some "break" and "lunch" video bumpers
Some "behind the scenes" pictures

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